16 December 2010

Star Wars RPG license

So, Mongoose says that another company got the license for a Star Wars role-playing game.


Yet another SWRPG that will start from scratch rather than being able to build on anything from the two versions that came before. (Assuming you count the Wizards of the Coast editions as only a single version.) If it is a smaller company, then the money they have to pay for the license will limit how much they can actually spend on development. If it is a bigger company, they will likely treat it something as a hobby while keeping most of their focus on their products that are not hindered by a license agreement. Plus, we already know that they will not have the license indefinitely.


Yeah, I will be interested to see who gets it. I will be interested to see what they do with it. There is the chance I will even buy it. It is just hard to be excited about it. It seems like their ought to be a better way here.

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Brunomac said...

Finally getting close to finishing up my D&D campaign, and looking forward to doing my KOTOR games. Not all of my players are all that excited about it, and none of them are really all that into Star Wars. Hey, I'm not a giant fan of the films either, but I love the KOTOR setting so much I'm hoping that it will win them over once we get started. Only going to use the Saga core book, with the occasional look into the KOTOR sourcebook as a reference. Want to keep that kind of good shape though, in case I want to sell it down the line.