13 February 2013

Why I broke my skip-a-generation iPad pattern

So far, I’ve stuck to a skip-a-generation pattern with iPhones and iPads. With the arrival of my newer iPad 4†, I’ve broken that. Why?

1. If the iPad 3‡ had come in an 128GB model, I would have bought that. Between role-playing game PDF files, music recording, books, games, etc., I was already pushing up against the 64GB limit when I bought my iPad 3. Now that the iPad 4 comes in an 128GB model, it is time to upgrade.

2. My iPad has become my primary computer. My iMac and iPhone are the companions. So, if I’m going to upgrade any of them on a faster schedule, it should be the iPad.

3. My son is still using my iPad 1*, which is showing its age a bit quicker than previous iOS devices. The fact that it can’t run iOS 6 is probably more of a symptom of that than the cause. His younger sister got an iPad mini from Santa. So, this allows me to pass down the iPad 3 to him a little sooner than if I were to wait for an iPad 5 to appear.

†What Apple calls “iPad (4th generation)”

‡What Apple calls “iPad (3rd generation)”

*“iPad (1st generation)”

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Matthew James Stanham said...

Interesting! I bought a Sony Xperia pad last year, which has since become similarly indispensable. We are seriously considering buying the new one when it comes out in March. Just wish they would hurry up and release Baldur's Gate for Android! :D