16 August 2007

Why I am excited about D&D4e

Role-playing games tend to go through a cycle.
  1. The initial "core" rules are published
  2. Supplements are published
  3. Some of the best ideas from the supplements are integrated into a streamlined new edition of the core rules
  4. Repeat
I like the core part of that cycle. I may buy a few supplements, but I generally prefer to stick with the core rules. So, I'm excited about new core rules. I like the idea of streamlining the 3e/d20 rules. I'm sure there will be things I'll take issue with, but that's true of any game. I have confidence (to my own surprise) that Wizards of the Coast won't put out anything that I don't find adequate. Edit (22 August 2007): As I found myself putting it the other day, I'll be impressed if they manage to make this the first edition of D&D that I can't enjoy. The questions are: Will I want to DM it, & will I buy the 4e Dungeon Masters Guide & 4e Monster Manual? So, why wasn't I excited about 3.5e? Well, it wasn't really enough of a change--to me--to qualify for a new edition of the core rules. Besides coming much too soon. (In 4e's favor, I tend to see it as being 8 years after 3e rather than 5 years after 3.5.)

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