25 January 2008

iSkin revo

My beautiful and brilliant Apple Store Mac Specialist (soon to be Tier 1 AppleCare) wife, Andrea, helped me pick out an iPhone case, and I’m convinced I ended up with the best one for me: the iSkin revo. The silicone revo wraps around the whole iPhone except for the screen. There are holes for the ear piece and the light sensor above it, the dock connector and loudspeakers on the bottom, and the silence switch on the side. What I thought was a hole for the camera is actually covered by a protective bit of transparent plastic. A flap covers the ear-bud jack. The home, wake/sleep, and volume buttons are used simply by pressing on the revo itself. It has a clear plastic cover that snaps over the screen. When not covering the screen, you can store it by snapping it on the back. There’s also a separate silicone piece to push into the dock connector. I’m convinced I’m going to lose this, assuming I remember to put it on at all. The iPhone can’t fit in the dock with the revo on, but you can just plug the dock cable in directly. The revo makes me feel secure that my iPhone is fully protected in my pocket. It makes it feel secure in hand as well. (Without a case, it always feels like the iPhone is going to slip out of my hand.) The cover isn’t annoying and doesn’t get in the way. The revo comes with a stick-on, anti-glare, screen protector. I choose to go with a separate product (whose name escapes me at the moment) that Andrea recommended, and I’m very happy with it as well. (She also installed it for me and managed to get it perfectly aligned and bubble-free on the first try!) It might not be the perfect case for someone else, but I think it’s the perfect case for me.

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