24 January 2008

Whither cut, copy, & paste?

I found some good tips on less obvious iPhone features. I thought I’d e-mail them to myself and then copy them into an iPhone Note.

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to do that. I’d already been aware of the lack of traditional cut/copy/paste, but this was the first time I really found it getting in my way.

The tips were...

  • E-mail: Swipe you finger over the listing to quickly show a delete button.
  • Quick punctuation: Hold the punctuation button & slide to the key.
  • Settings → General → Keyboard → Enable Caps Lock. Then double-tap the shift key to lock it.
  • Tap “AT&T” at the top to jump to the top of a web page.
  • Use two fingers to scroll text areas, form fields, or scrollable iframes.
  • Touch & hold a link to see its destination. (To cancel, drag before lifting your finger.)
  • To mark an e-mail as unread, click “Details” and a “Mark as Unread” option will appear.
  • The timer (Home → Clock) can put the iPhone to sleep when time is up.
  • Earbud switch (in microphone) can be used to answer calls or pause/play music. Holding it for 2 seconds will dump a call to voice-mail. Double-clicking it will skip to the next song.

Hmm...and Safari (on the Mac or the iPhone) doesn’t seem to play well with Blogger.

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