13 March 2008

The real internet

Daring Fireball: Just the Internet

Apple has been getting some heat for saying the iPhone gives you “the real internet” since it lacks Flash or Java.

Well, first off, they really mean “the real world wide web”. Although “e-mail and the web” comes pretty close for me. (Well, have IM in June it seems.)

What constitutes the real web?

  • HTTP
  • HTML
  • JFIF (a.k.a. JPEG)
  • PNG (& GIF if you insist)
  • CSS
  • EcmaScript (a.k.a. JavaScript)

That might cover it for me. I’d be happy to leave Flash & Java out of it. Not that I don’t think both can be put to very good use, but I don’t think you should work on the assumption that they’re there.

For that matter, I think you should try to make things work reasonably without CSS or EcmaScript.

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