01 June 2008

How else are they going to make money?

Given that the main reason TSR/Wizards puts out new editions of D&D is economic (I mean, how else are they going to make money?)

ENWorld—[Pseudo-rant] If you don’t like 4e, don’t play it (and quit complaining! ;)

How else are they going to make money? Hmm. I dunno...maybe...

  • Publish supplements for D&D
  • Publish other role-playing games
  • Make new miniatures
  • Publish a new miniatures game
  • Publish a new expansion of a trading card game
  • Publish a new trading card game
  • Licensing the D&D brand
  • Selling PDFs and reprints of out-of-print TSR and Wizards of the Coast products
  • Publish new board games
  • Reprint classic Avalon Hill board games
  • Publish novels

And that’s not even touching on the vast number of ways Hasbro as a whole can make money. e.g. Continue to print Monopoly

In fact, they’re doing most of those things. I don’t think any executive at Wizards green-lighted a new edition of D&D because they couldn’t think of any other way to make money.

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