16 November 2008

A threat to marriage

I see on Facebook that someone has changed their status from married to single. Someone has made a comment...


I simply cannot fathom that response.

Yes. Sometimes marriages end. Sometimes they even need to end. But is it ever a happy thing? Even if you don’t believe in marriage, surely you can understand that divorce is never pleasant.

Gay marriage isn’t a threat to the institution. If you want to find a threat to marriage how about the mindset that would respond to divorce with “Congratulations!”


tzunder said...

But you don't know the situation, it was probably a friend who knows much more than you and I about the inside story..

Robert Fisher said...

Thanks for the response! I’m always happy to have comments, and I’m afraid what I’m about to write comes off as dismissive even though I don’t want it to.

I’m pretty confident that person knows less about the situation than I do.

In any case, the point is that I can’t imagine any situation in which that response would be appropriate.

I’ll certainly grant that there are limits to my imagination, though.