20 January 2009

Dragon Warriors

I got my last Christmas present today. (It was bought with Amazon gift cards.) Dragon Warriors

I first learned about DW in 2005. I was pretty impressed then. So, I was happy to hear it was making a comeback. I was a little worried since it is being published by Mongoose. Turns out, though, that it is through Mongoose’s Flaming Cobra imprint, which apparently means that the real publisher, Magnum Opus Press, handled all the text.

So far, I’m really wishing I had discovered this game in 1986. That was when Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay came out. I guess it was my third RPG (behind Traveller and (A)D&D). Warhammer was a nice change from (A)D&D. There’s a lot I like about the game, but enough that I’m not crazy about. I think DW would’ve fit the bill better. In some ways, I could call DW a cross between classic D&D and WFRP.

In the introduction, Dave Morris (one of the co-authors) describes DW thusly...

Fantasy games like D&D—or, these days, World of Warcraft—belong to the George Lucas or Chris Columbus branch of role-playing. Dragon Warriors would be a movie by Guillermo del Toro or Tim Burton.

Incidentally, I think this book would make a good introduction to the hobby for the person doesn’t have a local group to join and must form their own.

So, member of my group, expect me to foist it on you at some point. ^_^

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