22 January 2009

Proof 4e devours souls

El Mahdi on ENWorld charted the 4e adventures on a PowerPoint slide. Since only the soulless are able to use PowerPoint, 4e must have devoured his soul. QED ^_^

(Of course, I only “keed”. For all I know, El Mahdi has never played 4e, and it was a management position that devoured his soul.)



Don the (Evil) Bassman said...

Only the soulless are able to use powerpoint? Uh oh, I use powerpoint on a fairly regular basis... and have actually enjoyed using it a couple of times...

Robert Fisher said...

It only proves you’re evil. ^_^

I should perhaps explain that this is something of an in-joke among programmers—or at least the subset that I’ve worked with. PowerPoint is so often used so badly and so often used by PHBs that you’re guaranteed to get razzed when you use it.