06 February 2009

iPhone App: LED Football

I’ve downloaded 78 iPhone apps.


Yeah, but all but 16 were free.

So, maybe I should review ramble about a few. We’ll start with...

LED Football by touchGrove

Back in 1977, Mattel made a handheld electronic football game. The “field” was only nine “yards” long—which it made up for with wrap-around. It was only three yards wide. You could only play offense with the game playing defense. You could only run the ball. In fact, it was your lone running back against five defenders. Defenders who—due to the wrap-around—occupied every nine-yards of the field like quantum particles. You could only run forward.

Which was actually pretty impressive at the time. Just six buttons and 27 LEDs.

It was also a lot of fun. My sister had one, and I remember it fondly. In fact, I missed it enough that I wrote a knock-off version for the Mac c. 1991 or so. With 16×16 pixel player icons. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a copy of it any longer.

While I tried to be faithful to the gameplay of the original, LED Football for the iPhone is also very visually faithful. It’s a simple app that does a simple thing both well and with style.

It’s amusing to read the reviews from people who don’t seem to realize that this is attempting to emulate a very specific handheld.

LED Football is as much fun as the original. Which for me means a lot.

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