05 February 2009

Ubi sunt dracones

The Grognardia post on dragons got me to thinking about my own experience with dragons in Dungeons & Dragons.

(1) I created an adventure in which a dragon hunt was the hook. The PCs wouldn’t even actually encounter a dragon. At mention of the word “dragon”, the PCs didn’t take the hook, and I had to wing it.

(2) I tried running the first Dragonlance module. Due to my lack of understanding of AD&D levels at the time, the black dragon barely escaped its first encounter with the PCs alive.

(3) Never a fan of D&D’s “dragons color-coded for your convenience”, I designed some based more on Time-Life’s the Enchanted World book on the subject. Never got around to using them. Something I should rectify someday.

(4) A battle with a dracolich. If you count a dracolich as a dragon.

(5) Running the Sunless Citadel with the baby white dragon.

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