21 May 2009

Lost cheats

Yeah, I’m trying to flush out some of my blog drafts. This one was started last week after the season finale.

The victory for a mystery writer is when, during the big reveal, I say, “Of course! I should’ve known!” The trick is to make me feel like I had enough information to know then secret when I didn’t. If I figure it out before the big reveal, it’s a let down. If I feel like I couldn’t have figured it out, then I feel cheated.

Lost does the latter.

My accusation, however, is unfair on two accounts. First, it isn’t over. There’s still the chance that—when it is over—I’ll say, “Of course! I should’ve known!”

Second, I don’t think Lost is meant to be a mystery. At least, not a conventional one. So, I try to take it as such, but I think this is why I’m always a little dissatisfied by it.

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