10 May 2009

Star Trek

They do the kinds of things that I wish prequels wouldn’t do. They do the thing that I wish franchise reboots wouldn’t do. As the trailers showed, they have today’s kind of over-the-top action that seemed at odds with the spirit of the original series. Oh, and did I mention that Trek had more than used up their time-travel allowance?

It’s unsurprising that I have criticisms. What’s surprising is that...they really feel like trivia. It’s a really good movie, and it feels like it really honors the original Trek and what it was about. The characters are all made more without going too far.

Well, that’s my first impression. I remember saying Episode I was “really good” the day I saw it. So, I won’t try to answer the big question. Mr. Abrams has scored a victory, though, simply because people are seriously comparing his film to Khan.


Matthew James Stanham said...

The responses I have read so far seem to be rather positive, so much so that it is increasingly likely that I am going to put my hand in my pocket and pay to see Star Trek 90210 at the cinema, rather than waiting for it to turn up on Sky Movies.

Sounds like it will be at least as entertaining as Wolverine: Origins, but Terminator 4 is the film I have most hope for this year.

Brunomac said...

I had a Sci Fi Academy screening in Santa Monica yesterday, but I sent mom and dad for mothers day. They seemed to enjoy it, and they are 80+ year olds. Mom did say it was a bit loud, but dad is near deaf so he didn't notice.

Anyway, sounds good enough to actually go pay for it next weekend.