21 June 2009


While I’m sure MMS will be nice, to me, it seems kind of redundant on my iPhone. I don’t have a laptop, so I have no need for tethering.

While I have had a couple of problems with U-verse, calling support got me to helpful people, and things were cleared up in fairly short order.

A week after getting U-verse, the set-top boxes were automatically updated with software that allowed watching DVR recordings from the other boxes. Recently, there’s been another update, as my non-DVR box can now erase and do other DVR operations that previously could only be done at the DVR box. The web voice-mail interface has had a facelift recently, and the web DVR interface has been upgraded as well.

Perhaps Apple’s current practice of providing continual improvements has rubbed off a little.

In short, I’m actually rather happy with AT&T.

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