20 June 2009

The Vypyr chart

I love the chart on Peavey’s page for their Vypyr series of guitar amplifiers. There are, however, two problems with it.

1. It only covers the Vypyr series. Go to their Guitar Amps & Cabs page and good luck trying to figure out which series you might be interested in. While a single chart like the Vypyr one covering all their amps might be impractical, a similar chart to help you figure out what series might fit your needs would help.

This is a big fail for just about every guitar amp manufacturer’s web site. Even when they have little descriptions about each of their lines, those descriptions are usually no help in figuring out which ones to investigate further. I end up digging through the specs of each amp with a second browser tab open to Sweetwater or Musician’s Friend to check prices.

2. There isn’t a check for USB on the Vypyr 30. There’s a few other choices in there that seem odd to me. Wouldn’t the PowerSponge be more useful on the 60 and 120 with their tube power amps?

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