29 June 2012

Of dice and dice trays

Behold! My collection of d20+ dice has grown.


Gamescience has said that they do still have the tool for making these, so go buy a few through Amazon or Gamestation and then tell Gamescience how much you’d like some d20+ dice in their newer colors.

Here they are hanging out in my new dice tray.

During the first session of my Skylands campaign, I found myself wanting a dice tray. A quick search turned up the “Quest for the Perfect Dice Tray”. A trip to Hobby Lobby turned up the same tray Aryk had found. I used sticky-back felt (also from Hobby Lobby) rather than foam in this one.

Behold my dice inking supplies!

Not pictured are...

  • The paint pens I destroyed by pushing the tip too hard whilst priming them
  • The piece of cardboard I use to test the paint pens
  • The mechanical pencil I’ve been using (with lead retracted) to try and remove the crayon from dice before reïnking them with the paint pens

The paint remover pen looks like it is going to be really handy for cleaning up inking mistakes, but I haven’t quite mastered its use yet.

I really appreciate the work that goes into inking dice now. So the last two sets I bought, I bought inked. Behold my blue opal and jasper dice!

After seeing a couple of d7 at the North Texas RPG Con this year, I finally gave in an ordered a couple myself. Which you can also see in the picture above.

The colors of the blue opal dice are subtle and the photos don’t do them justice. Here’s a close-up as an attempt, though...

Finally, behold the other dice tray I made!

This one used foam secured with foam glue. It also has a lid, which is nice. I’m not sure why, but I don’t like it quite as much as the other one.

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