24 January 2013

Robert’s drive-through protocol

This is silly, but it goes through my head every time I go through a drive-through.

The order taker will not begin by asking if the customer wants something specific.

The customer will order one item at a time and wait for the order taker to acknowledge the item before preceding to the next item.

A “combo meal” counts as a single item.

The order taker will not interrupt the customer unless the customer has proceeded to order another item without waiting for acknowledgement of the previous item.

When the customer has finished ordering an item, the order taker will then ask for any clarification about that item if necessary. Otherwise, the order taker will simply acknowledge that they are ready for the next item.

When the customer has ordered all items, they will indicate such. e.g. “And that’s it.”

While the order taker may at this time suggest an addition to the order, it should be an appropriate addition. e.g. The suggestion to add a fried apple pie to a breakfast taco order would be inappropriate.

The order taker will then repeat the order to the customer at an even pace.

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