06 September 2007

What arrangement is this?

I’ve been learning Lilypond, music notation software. I was looking through some of my old stuff, mainly trying to find the fingerstyle arrangement of Just the way you are that I did in college so that I could make a good copy of it with Lilypond. I came across a duet arrangement (for “synth & guitar” (^_^)) of What child is this. It’s from before I took any music theory courses. When I hadn’t been playing guitar long. It’s funny because there are aspects that clearly make it stand out as something I wrote then, but there are also aspects that surprise me. It provided fodder for my Lilypond learning as well. I’m particularly disappointed in Lilypond’s default rendering of guitar chord diagrams. (Something my What child is this manuscript makes heavy use of.) I was also disappointed when I tried to put my own chord names above the staff. (Rather than using the ChordNames feature.) Though I’m sure I could probably tweak both to my liking given enough effort (Lilypond is free-as-in-speech software.) And it is partially written in my current favorite programming language: Scheme.

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