27 May 2014

Basic D&D 5e

About Basic Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Basic version of the next edition of D&D, which we’ll call 5e whether Wizards does or not, will be a free PDF.

This isn’t big news to those of us who know there are lots of really good free RPGs out there—including clones of older editions of D&D.

But, the D&D brand is the most likely first encounter that potential new players will have with the hobby. Will this be a good introduction to the hobby for them? Let’s hope so.

11 May 2014

NTRPGCon 2014 schedule

I finally registered for this years North Texas RPG Con. I was worried, but there were still plenty of interesting games open.

  • Thursday PM: Terekaptra, Lejendary Adventures, Chris Clark
  • Friday AM: The Mines of Valdhum, Labyrinth Lord, Matt Evens (odinist)
  • Friday PM: Oil Rights and Midnight Fights!, Twilight 2000, Karl Pajak
  • Saturday AM: The Circle of Columns, Bethorm, Jeff Dee
  • Saturday PM: Dark Colony, Lance RPG, Jim Ward
  • Sunday AM: Night Run, AD&D2e, Zeb Cook

08 May 2014

Star Wars comics

I recently bought the Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago..., Volume 1, which has the first 26 issues of the 1970s Marvel comics.

I had a giant version of the original six issues that covered the original movie, as well as normal-sized copies of a few of the following issues.

Looking through it, it occurs to me that—in the days before we had a VCR—this was as much Star Wars to me as the movie itself. I only saw the movie once (until years later), but I read these comics over-and-over.

They even had deleted scenes...

07 May 2014

Apple, Amazon, and Comixology

This issue: Comixology has been the #1 way to buy and read digital comic books on iPads. Amazon bought Comixology. It is no longer possibly to buy comics through the Comixology app, presumably because Amazon isn’t willing to continue paying the 30% that Apple requires of in-app purchase.

Oddly enough, this has proved to be a positive for me. My local comic book store has a Comixology web store. When I buy digital comic books from it, I still read them on my iPad, but I also support my local store. In-app purchase going away made me actually do that.

It seems to me that what Apple makes off of their 30% of in-app purchases is peanuts compared to their primary sources of income. I would think Apple would be more interested in improving the user experience than on holding the line on their 30% cut.

On the other hand, I’m not convinced the damage to the user experience here is all that great. I still buy Kindle books. I still by Comixology books.

One interesting difference between the Kindle app and the new Comixology app: In the Comixology app, you can still browse their store and add things to your wishlist.

06 May 2014

Why Zak likes RPGs

It is things like “I like RPGs” that make me say that Zak is the smartest person writing about RPGs.