08 May 2014

Star Wars comics

I recently bought the Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago..., Volume 1, which has the first 26 issues of the 1970s Marvel comics.

I had a giant version of the original six issues that covered the original movie, as well as normal-sized copies of a few of the following issues.

Looking through it, it occurs to me that—in the days before we had a VCR—this was as much Star Wars to me as the movie itself. I only saw the movie once (until years later), but I read these comics over-and-over.

They even had deleted scenes...


Stu Rat said...

I had that giant comic book of the movie.

Dwight Grosso said...

I remember those quite fondly. Star Wars, Goodzilla, Eeeri, Creepy, Charleton comics. Every visit to the grocery store was wonderful for me!

Restless said...

I still have the large-format comic somewhere.

Also, regarding that second panel: I've often wondered what a "young noise" is!