17 January 2009

Jobs his health

It’s Time for Apple to Come Clean—Executive Suite Blog—NYTimes.com

Jeesh! Let it go people. If you own Apple stock and you really think you need to know any more about the health of Steve Jobs and you don’t think he has been honest enough or forthcoming enough, just sell your stock.

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yoyorobbo said...

It is getting a bit ridonkulous isn't it?

The worst part (IMO) was the whole "is he still alive?"..."why haven't we seen him in 6 months?" thing.

I'm not a typical apple user (not really), as I tend to buy/use other gear (PC, Sansa Clip, BlackBerry, etc), but I still find this kinda creepy.

Let the guy do what he needs to do. Support him, especially when he most needs it.

I wish him well. Sounds like he has a rough ride ahead with the surgery(ies).

In other words...I hear ya, brother.