08 September 2009

The Ikea font brouhaha

From The Font War: Ikea Fans Fume over Switch to Verdana:

“The former typeface definitely better reflected Ikea’s design philosophy, giving it a very special, unique flavor that actually fit the company’s style,” says Vitaly Friedman, editor in chief of the online Smashing Magazine, which is dedicated to Web design.

Which is—unintentionally—countered by another of those opposed to this change:

“They went cheap, in other words,” counters Bucharest designer Iancu Barbarasa, who blogged about the font change on his website.

That seems to fit Ikea perfectly to me.

While I understand the issue, I think there are much, much worse choices made every day.

(Personally, I’d rather that my (and your) browser would properly typeset the double-quotes at the start of those quotes much more than I care about whether Ikea is choosing a sub-optimal font.)

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