21 June 2010

GodFinger, a free app that’s making money

Despite being free, GodFinger has reached #8 among the top grossing iPad apps.

How can that be? In app purchases. You can trade actual money for in-game awe points.

I haven’t bought any awe points. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing you can do through buying awe points that you can’t do without buying awe points. Buying awe points just lets you do things faster than if you didn’t. You’re buying instant gratification.


Craig Weeks said...

In MBA World that is known as "tapping the American Achilles' Heel".

Anonymous said...

Instant gratification, or literally buying time? (ie: not wasting your life "earning" it)

Robert said...

The way it works is that you do a minute or two of setting things up, then quit the game. You go about your life, then come back some hours later—or just the next day, and your gold/mana/awe has been generated. Spend a minute or two setting things up again and repeat.

It takes very little of your time, and there’s also very little pressure to check on it constantly.

So, it isn’t really buying time. Just instant gratification.