10 July 2010

Is Apple prepping a new programming language?

waffle → Surpass:

It is my belief that Apple is definitely working on a new language to surpass Objective-C as their intended, primary, publicly recommended programming language...

I’ve been thinking that it seems very strange that Apple’s primary language is (still) Smalltalk grafted onto C.

If he’s right, I hope that, like the A4 processor (which is ARM based) and Safari (which is HTML, CSS, and Javascript based), it isn’t a wholly new language.

Would Smalltalk be a hard sell to developers who have accepted Objective-C?

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Restless said...

As a Delphi developer I think it might make me take a second look at the Mac if they went back to some version of Object Pascal. I think the chances are pretty remote, but Codegear already said one of their next targets is Mac and iPhone development, and it seemed a little weird to me at the time I read that (since they still haven't produced a Win64 compiler yet).