23 July 2012

7-inch iPad?

A 7-inch iPad makes absolutely no sense to me. Despite all the rumors, I don’t think Apple will release one. Although, the rumors are starting to get to the point where I’m beginning to believe that I’m wrong.

But lots of people thought the iPad made no sense. Lots of people still think the iPad makes no sense. That’s because—while it is the kind of device I’ve been wanting since the Newton, EO, and Pilot days—it doesn’t make sense for them. And that’s the way it is for a 7-inch tablet. It doesn’t make sense for me, but I maybe it does make sense for other people.

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Brendan said...

I agree; if anything I want a bigger iPad screen, not a smaller one. I would love to be able to display 8.5 x 11 documents in full size.