28 January 2013

Skyland winter solstice presents

After saving the town of Tayce from an ice demon during our group’s 2012 Christmas game, the Skyland characters each received a special present. These notes accompanied the gifts.

To: Ammut

When you hold this cat’s eye marble up to your eye, you will be able to see in the dark. It’s not as good as an elf’s vision, and your view is narrow, but it is better than being blind, no? Use it in good health!

From: K.K. Nicholas

To: Serena

This hasp is special besides being nicely made. It will magically lock whatever you place it on. (Wizard lock at the user’s level.)

From: K.K. Nicholas

To: Shirina

I hope you like this matched sword and dagger set. I think you will find that they work best together. (They are a short blade and dagger. When used together, if you hit, you will do d6 damage as usual, but you can make a second attack roll. If the second roll hits as well, you do an additional d4.)

From: K.K. Nicholas

To: Gix

These boots are said to be of dwarfish make. I think you will find that they make it easier to maneuver whilst encumbered. (You can move at your full 120 movement rate even while wearing heavy armor.)

From: K.K. Nicholas

To: Naevana

This torc is rumored to be of faerie make, and—as you can see—quite beautiful and finely made. It is said the faerie-queen had it enchanted to make herself more persuasive. All legend and rumor I am sure. (Wearing this will improve your charisma modifier by +1.)

From: K.K. Nicholas

To: Torvwl

This stole is said to have been owned by Mother Florence of the Nightingale, famous for her healing powers. I’m dubious of the claims that it can heighten the healing capabilities of others, but it is quite handsome. I hope you will enjoy it. (When casting healing spells while wearing the stole, roll twice and use the better roll.)

From: K.K. Nicholas

To: Baldwyn

As you may have surmised, this contraption is a double crossbow. You can fire twice before needing to reload. Most cleverly, the mechanism allows both strings to be cocked simultaneously, so reloading both is nigh as quick as reloading a normal crossbow. One word of warning, I am told that one should avoid trying to fire both quarrels simultaneously. They says it was created by the famous inventor, Suladæd. A queen had captured the inventor and commanded him to devise new weapons to give her armies advantages over her foes. This was one of those inventions. Unfortunately, Suladæd’s gift had a unique quirk. It is said he was never able to create more than one working instance of any of his inventions. As you can imagine, that did not please his patron...but this is not the time for that story. May it serve you well.

From: K.K. Nicholas

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