22 May 2013

iMac vs iPad revisited

Back in 2010, I took a look at how many of the apps that I used on a daily basis on my Mac had an equivalent on my iPad. Let’s take a look at how things are different here in 2013.

Now, I use iMessages much more than AIM, and it has even replaced iChat on the Mac. (Though I do miss some iChat features.)

Besides third-party equivalents, there’s now an iPad version of GarageBand.

I now use UX Write more than Pages on my iPad. I actually use it a lot on my iPhone too. Since my favorite Mac HTML editor, Amaya, hasn’t been keeping up-to-date, I wish I had a Mac version of UX Write.

The iPad can now print.

There is a GuitarPro for iPad now. It is mostly for viewing, but it does have a decent notepad that can be used to write a bit of tab. Notion, however, is a full-fledged music engraving app for iPad.

While I’m not expecting an iPad version of DrRacket (née DrScheme) any time soon, Lisping is quite impressive. See also the Gambit REPL app for iPad.

Posts is a great app for writing and editing Blogger posts. I still have lots of problems with Blogger all around, but it is equally painful on both the Mac and the iPad now.

Another Mac app I use a lot is Terminal. (I use Cathode a lot too.) The iSSH iPad app and my Bluetooth keyboard have allowed me to telecommute with only my iPad.

I do my taxes with TurboTax on the iPad now instead of on the Mac.

Soulver is an app that I use a lot on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Nearly all the graphics I create are made on the iPad with Inkpad. I don’t remember the last time I created a graphic on the Mac.

IMovie gets used the most on my iPhone.

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