11 July 2013


Something got me to thinking about Magic Realm recently. So, I downloaded RealmSpeak.

In my first three games I was killed by the first denizens encountered everytime. I don’t remember this game being that hard. I guess dad and I must’ve never gotten the rules quite right.

After about a half-a-dozen games, I managed to survive to the end of the game playing the dwarf, though I didn’t have the victory points to win. I managed to get enough victory points to win as the white knight, but I got trapped by the winged demon and killed. (It didn’t help that I didn’t know how to make my hired native follow me and then his contract expired before I renewed it.)

I won my third game playing the white knight.

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KenHR said...

White Knight is probably one of the better characters with which to learn the game.

MR is one of the best boardgames ever...I have two copies at home, waiting for the day I can gather 6 to 16 crazy people for a monthlong game. Until then Realmspeak will have to do.