10 September 2013

Food advertising

If you’re trying to sell me food, and you talk about a lot of things except how it tastes, you’ve not sold me.

I will gladly choose oil over cream because I like the taste of Cool Whip more than Reddi-Wip.

No matter how “natural” your product is, the technical names of chemical compounds in it don’t sound any more appetizing than those you point out in your competition’s products. And I don’t remember what your product even was. I can’t even come up with enough to google for it like I could for Reddi-Wip. So, that was a complete failure.

In fact, no matter what you’re selling, if you’re talking more about your competition than your own product, that’s a bad sign.

Sargento, I am glad you talk about your product in your commercials, but you don’t have to insult other products that I also like at the same time.

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