23 December 2014

My classic D&D armor

I came up with some different rules for armor in classic D&D. Rather than trying to get the tables to look nice on the blog, I just went ahead and added it to the web site: “Vaguely historical armor

I had chosen to go more abstract with weapons. I had started down the same path with armor, but instead I decided to actually make it more concrete instead.


Darcy Perry said...

Having read both your armor and weapons tables, I would lean towards the more abstract weapons list. I like the detail but would be as happy to offer heavy (ac3), medium (ac5), light (ac7) and no armor (ac9). A shield gives a bonus to ac but is also a weapon. You can describe what your character is wearing as you see fit.

Robert said...

Yeah, I had initially started down the abstract armor route. That’s what is currently in my Skylands players guide. But—for whatever reason—I wasn’t happy with it.

I’m also considering Dan’s weapon rules (over at Delta’s D&D Hotspot), which are perhaps less abstract than my own.