24 January 2015

Toon house rules

In prepping to run Toon, the cartoon role-playing game, I came up with a few alternate rules.

This one is straight from the Tooniversal Tour Guide: When a character falls down, instead of the player sitting out for three minutes, they lose three turns.

Not really a rule...just a way to keep track of lost turns. When a player or character loses turns, the Animator hands the player one token (like a poker chip) for each turn lost. When the cycle of turns comes back to that player, they hand in one token.

When a character successfully Dodges a Fire Gun, there is a 50% chance of ricochet. (Normally it is either zero or always depending on whether you’re using the “superstar” rule.)

Each session each player may hand out one Plot Point to another player’s character. Players don’t have to hand out this Plot Point, but they don’t get to save it past the end of the session.

The animator makes all Tracking rolls. The Animator makes two rolls. If the 1st roll succeeds, the 2nd roll is ignored. If the 1st roll fails, the 2nd roll is consulted. If the 2nd roll succeeds, the character knows they’ve lost the trail. If the 2nd roll fails, the character thinks they’re still on the trail, but they’re actually on the wrong trail. (This is slightly different than the original superstar rule.)

There will probably be more as we play it more.


anarchist said...


Sorry to post an off-topic comment, but I couldn't find an email for you.

I'm looking for a quote, that I found on a blog once and can't find again.

I think it might have been on your old site.

It was a long, sarcastically polite disagreement which reminded me of Jack Vance.

It was along the lines of "astonishingly, you appear to have made a mistake; a rare occasion, as the wise will confirm..." and so on.

Hope you can help,


Robert Fisher said...

Hmm...can you give me any more to go on, James?

anarchist said...

It was quite long- a paragraph rather than a sentence.