19 May 2008

Free comic book day 2008

I was really disappointed in Free Comic Book Day this year.

With the store’s limit of three, I decided to grab three familiar looking books this year.

The Avengers one turned out to be a “sketch book”. A few pages of work-in-progress art. Maybe cool for the avid fan, but nothing to make me want to buy an Avengers comic.

The Justice League offering was indecipherable to either myself or my son. I presume it would have made sense to an avid Justice League fan. I didn’t think FCBD was for the avid fans.

The Superman book was the best of the lot but didn’t really grab me.

Nothing like the TokyoPop book from a couple of years ago that actually did lead to me buying things from them.

Guess maybe I need to avoid the familiar next year.

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