30 May 2008


I first played Talisman c. 2001. It was the second-edition. I got the fourth-edition for my birthday, and I’ve played it three times already.

Turns out there’s already been a change of publisher again and another edition is soon to be out. Word is, however, that there will be an “upgrade pack” for those of us with the fourth edition.


Philotomy said...

I like Talisman, but I think it drags on too long. I have the Second Edition, plus the 1986 Expansion Set, the Adventure expansion set, and the Dungeon expansion set.

It still gets played; both my eldest son and my wife like it a lot.

Robert Fisher said...

It does seem to drag-on a bit. They’ve got some alternate rules to speed it up that I intend to read and try next game.

It makes up for that somewhat with quick setup and turns that go by pretty briskly.