29 November 2007

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s new Kindle e-book reader looks very interesting. My issues...

  • No back-light: While being able to be read easily in bright daylight is important, one of the things I love about the Rocket eBook is that it is perfect for reading in the dark.
  • QWERTY keyboard: Being a Dvorak typist, I get so tired of devices that don’t have real keyboards but that use the QWERTY layout. I think the Crockford keyboard probably makes more sense in these situations. (Though I still like Graffiti.)

It does appear that you can freely put your own documents on it if you can get them into Mobipocket format.

Which is a bit annoying. It should be trivial for a user to load plain text and HTML documents onto a device like this with no conversion fee. (Yes, Amazon wants to charge a conversion fee to load HTML or Microsoft Word documents onto it! (o_O)) Arguably PDF as well. And this should be loudly touted as a feature.

The Wikipedia article has links to a few more current e-book devices that I’ll have to check-out now.

Though hopefully the iPhone SDK will reveal a way to load HTML and PDF besides temporarily loading them via the web or e-mail.

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