11 November 2007

Mac OS X audio aggregate devices

If, when using Mac OS X, you ever discover that you need to create an audio “aggregate device” with Audio MIDI Setup, here is the bit of information that seems to always be left out: Aggregate devices can only be created by admin users. (When you’re looking at a user in the Accounts panel of the System Preferences, admin users will have the “Allow user to administer this computer” check-box checked. By the way, it’s a good idea to only have one admin user account that you only log-in as when you need to perform admin tasks.) Sure would be nice if Audio MIDI Setup would actually warn you about this and not make it seem to have worked when it didn’t. (>_<) For what it’s worth, the reason I needed to create an aggregate audio device was to use SooperLooper. I’ve been thinking about getting an BOSS RC-2 Loop Station and wanted to try out real-time looping.

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