02 September 2008

A d20 game with two classes

I’ve been toying with this idea on-and-off. (No doubt somebody has already done something like this.)

Take the generic classes from the (3.5e) UA. Drop the Expert. Bump the skill points of the Warrior and Spellcaster classes to what the Expert got.

Perhaps create a third class—I’ll call in Munchkin in lieu of a better name—which would be a Warrior/Spellcaster built using the fractional base bonuses (UA p. 73).

On the other hand, you could just use the straight multiclass rules. Maybe—at the least—create one-level class similar to the appentice level rules to allow a PC to be a Warrior/Spellcaster at first level.

Generic Spellcasters get access to all the cleric, druid, and wizard spells. While, in this system, I wouldn’t make the normal divine/arcane distinction, I have thought of making a different distinction. Spells from the wizard spell lists might be difficult to acquire and might come with an additional cost.

Other UA rules I’d consider using:


s7610ra said...

Sounds like True20.
Have you looked at this game?
The players handbook is v.cheap and you may enjoy the stripped down feel of it.

Robert said...

I have True20. I'm not sure why, but using the original generic classes from the UA is just more appealing to me.