12 September 2008


If I was a McCain supporter...and there was a time when I was a potential McCain supported...I’d be very put out.

  1. Abandons many of his principles to run towards Bush
  2. Tries to call this staying the course position “change”
  3. Hammers the (nonsense) experience angle
  4. Picks a running mate as vulnerable to the experience argument as anyone
  5. The “claim to change” which that running mate trots out is misleading at best

Oddly enough, this all seems to be working short term. I like to believe this is sealing his doom long term, but Bush got elected...twice!

It’s fun when you search a list of Bush quotes for “logic” and it says “not found”.


Anonymous said...

Well, it doesn't matter if the Repubs run a trained monkey. There's no way a Christian can vote for those abortophile Dems. They've been the party of baby butchery now for 48 million corpses and counting.

So it's really irrelevant what McCain and Palin argue for or against, as long as they're against the Holocaust. Caring about those other issues is like caring about somebody's policy on public transportation in Weimar 1932.

Anonymous said...

A pox on both the major party houses, I say. I can't conscience voting for either of them, and won't waste my vote contributing to a political mandate that I repudiate. I'll be voting third-party, this time.

Robert said...

Been thinking about you, Phil. How'd you fare through Ike?

My parents (in Spring) had several trees down. The garage is in bad shape, and there's a hole in the roof of my grandmother's house next-door to them. Luckily, their house escaped without any significant damage. The worst damage we'd had from a hurricane yet. Even Alicia wasn't this bad.

My sister had a beach-house on High Island that is completely gone. No sign of it left. O_O

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, my house was spared any damage; even my fences stayed up. I had a lot of branches (some fairly substantial), pine cones, and pine needles to clean up, but that's about it.

Some neighbors had much more significant damage, including a trees coming down on houses and cars, and lots of downed fences.

Robert said...

OK. Abortion.

The thing about this issue is that I understand both sides of it. Yet I don’t see any chance for reconciliation or compromise between them.

As hard as it may be to believe if you think abortion is murder, I’m unsure that it is. (or isn’t)

Most importantly, though, is that I’m a man. I choose to side with the important women in my life on this issue.

While this may be a moot point to those on the other side, being pro-choice does not mean I’d choose it if I ever had the choice.