19 November 2008

An open letter to AT&T

1. Don’t tell me I requested something when I didn’t.

When I signed up for U-verse, this apparently required the unbundling of my mobile bill from my other AT&T bills. They didn’t tell me this. Instead, they sent me a card telling me that I’d requested it.

Note that it isn’t that the mobile bill cannot be bundled with the U-verse services. They’ve now re-bundled it for me.

1a. You should’ve told me up-front. 1b. You should have not told me I requested it when I didn’t. 1c. OK, this may sound crazy, but maybe you should just not require the unbundling in the first place.

2. If the billing address and/or account number changes...I don’t know...maybe...tell me!

Oh, and 3. Date your correspondence.


Craig Weeks said...

But other than that, it's all good?

Robert said...

Mostly good.

I’m having trouble with VOIP, but it looks like it’s the POTS wiring in my house rather than the VOIP itself. It seems to work fine when I have a phone plugged directly into the gateway. When I have the gateway connected to the house wiring, however, I don’t always get a dial-tone.

The really odd part is that when the problem happens, it seems to prevent the voice-mail from working.

I’ve had another period of annoying video glitchiness, but it seems to have cleared up again.

Craig Weeks said...

Sorry. The snide factor did not come through in my comment. I just think emoticons are a little too obvious for the sophisticated. :)

Max said...


I tend to agree, Craig, but I'm coming around. They really do help shade written speech with the right tone.

I used to avoid them by writing them out, but then I just felt like *that guy.* You know, *that guy* who doesn't use emoticons, much like *that guy* who never misses an opportunity who to tell you he doesn't watch TV. So *shrug* I've begun to use emoticons more. ;)

Robert said...

(^_^) Yep. Between being happy with U-verse overall and all the questions I’ve gotten about it, the snide factor (...snidity? sniditude?...) went completely over my head.