06 December 2008

Landscape keyboard

I keep reading complaints about iPhone apps that don’t allow you to use the landscape keyboard. Am I the only one who finds the landscape keyboard harder to use?

I know it seems like the landscape keyboard should be easier to use, but—for me—not so much in practice.


Craig Weeks said...

Hmm. Is this the consequence of that litle thing you have going with the Dvorak keyboard? :)

Craig Weeks said...

Besides, how important are 'P' and 'L' really? You know ... in the grand scheme of things?

Robert said...

Yeah, you'd think by now I wouldn't be surprised when my preferences differ from others! (^_^)

I have been pleasantly surprised that thumb-typing on QWERTY hasn't messed with my regular typing on Dvorak.

Doh! Blogger cut off the end of the image. (^_^)

(-: this message typed on the portrait keyboard :-)