11 December 2008


Another installment of things Robert likes that most people don’t...

I recently read one more complaint about the name of the first pedal in the collaboration between Joe Satriani and Vox: The Satchurator.

(Satriani’s nickname is “Satch”. The type of sounds the Satchurator produces are sometimes described as “saturation”. Seems like a perfect name to me.)

It’s also interesting to me that—despite all the hype about tube amp distortion being the holy grail—despite Satriani’s signature amp having two channels dedicated to tube distortion—he actually uses the solid-state Satchurator into his amp’s clean channel.

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KenHR said...

Re: tube vs. solid state distortion. I get into arguments with the guitarist from my old band about this. To me, it doesn't matter what kind of distortion you have or what amp you're playing so long as your tone is where you want it to be. Besides, those old Electro-Harmonix pedals that Jimi and others used were solid state, too!

(That said, I love my tube amps, but on occasion I still crank up my battered old Peavey Bandit when recording certain parts...solos, even!)