20 July 2009

A good thing about “full page zoom”

I really didn’t see any need for web browsers to implement “full-page zoom”. Pretty much the only times I’ve wanted to zoom-in on a web page it has been because it used too small of font in too wide of a layout. Making the text larger while keeping everything else the same size was exactly what I wanted. Thankfully, Safari (at least) has keep text-only zoom as an option.

Today, though, I realized a use for “full-page zoom”: To make an overly wide web page narrow enough to fit in my browser window by zooming out.

Of course, I wouldn’t need either use of zooming if people did a better job of designing web sites. Yeah, and I realize my idea of “better” is different than some other people’s. But they’re wrong, and I’m right. (At least, here on my blog.) (^_^)

Now if I could only use “full-page” zoom-out and text-only zoom-in together!

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