27 July 2009

Gygax day one-shot

In honor of Gary Gygax’s birthday this year, I decided to run a one-shot adventure. I ended up choosing the Quick Start adventure for Gary’s Lejendary Adventures system.

The players were challenged with coming up with names for their characters...er, “avatars”...that were anagrams of their own names. We had...

  • Calne the Human Noble (Lance)
  • Jerax the Ilf Mage (Jax)
  • Ilia Maechlen the Human Ecclesiastic (Cheli)
  • Hyronac Metrenul Loncug the Dwarven Soldier (Von)
  • Dalec Noclum Ghûld the Kobold Elementalist (Don)

Since it was a week-night, we didn’t really get rolling until late and had to end early. So, we only got through the exposition and first encounter and to the second one encounter. Still, fun (and Oreo cake) was had.

I didn’t really think of doing anything else besides running the game. e.g. Getting a birthday cake decorated with Gary’s Futurama likeness. Handing out prizes for working Gygax quotes into your character’s speech.

Hmm...the dungeons under Castle Blackmoor for Dave Arneson’s birthday? Some Traveller on Marc Miller’s? Munchkin on Steve Jackson’s?


Dalec Noclum Ghûld said...

It was fun, I didn't figure we would get very far since it is was a "School Night" as Jax puts it. We will have to pick this one up again. And I am all for Castle Blackmoor, Traveller, and always Munchkin.

Robert Fisher said...

Of course, I picked that adventure because it was the shortest of my candidates. I thought we might be able to finish it. Didn’t expect to actually finish it. But I did expect to get a little farther.

But, you know me, enjoying the time with everyone is more important than “accomplishing” a lot.

I would like to finish it up sometime.