16 August 2009

App Store update

Since I ranted about iPhone App Store rejections, here’s an update. It seems Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, has stepped in. He’s been personally contacting app developers to resolve some of the issues. It is looking like Apple is getting serious about fixing the problems.

It’s sad that it took lawsuits and attention from the FCC for this to happen, but late is better than never.


Todd the Viking King said...

Another important matter to note is to backup your apps that you do purchase. Apple's policy as of July 31st is you are only allowed one download, any further downloads must be purchased again.

I believed that I was backing my apps up and when I did a restore I realized that I had not been backing them up. The 8th of August will forever be the black day that I lost my apps when trying to restore my bookmarks (which, I had also failed to backup)

Soooo, now, if I want any of the apps that I purchased before I must purchase them again.

Bad form in my opinion, but a hard lesson that will not be forgotten... I had never considered Jail Breaking my iTouch before. Now, well, that's kind of an option that I may look into.

Here's a link to the policy

Here is a link to How to Back Up Your Media...

Robert Fisher said...

Thanks for the tip, Todd!

I’ve never been a fan of that sort of policy. Vendors of digital products should keep track of what customers buy and let them download them as needed.