15 February 2013

Notion for iPad vs. Progression for iPad

Notion vs Progression

I’ve just bought ‘standard’ Notion for iPad and was wondering what the differences were between Notion and Notion Progression? I was interested in also getting Progression but from what I can tell it seems that Notion has all the features of Progression anyway?

That message was posted to Notion’s own forums on 27 Nov 2012. Today is 13 February 2013. (Yes, I write these posts earlier than they appear.) The message has zero replies.

It’s hard to understand why Notion didn’t anticipate this question and have an answer on their web site the day Progression for iPad was announced. It’s even harder to understand why they would let the question go unanswered for 2½ months.

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The Fan said...

I agree. I only just found out about the Notion software and I don't see the point in buying one of them until I know what makes them different. I can't find any answers either.