14 February 2013

Reading Premier Guitar electronically

Premier Guitar is both great and awful. Reading articles on their web site is painful. Their iPad app is also painful. It’s gotten better over time, but it is still one of the many awful Newsstand apps.

(For an example of a great Newsstand app, check out Marco Arment’s The Magazine. Perhaps it isn’t a model for how every Newsstand app should work, but it does show that Newsstand apps don’t have to be as bad as most of what we’ve seen so far.)

The actual paper magazine? Sure, it’s fine, but a paper magazine clutters up my house. A magazine on my iPad gets read.

But I have found something that works: Their RSS feed, the Reeder app, and Reeder’s Readability button.

The one thing that’s missing is their gorgeous photos. Not the photos from articles; I still get to see those. There is a really nice section of stand-alone photos in the print and app versions of the magazine. But I’ll take readability over the photos.

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