04 November 2017

How to Fix Facebook?

How to Fix Facebook? We Asked 9 Experts
The New York Times

Technologists, academics, politicians and journalists suggested ways to improve Facebook — as a product, a company or both. Read the full story

Fixing Facebook is easy: We all decide that a social network service is something that we're willing to pay for.

When we are the customers, the company will care about our needs. As long as we aren't the one paying the bills, why would we expect the company to care about our needs?

The fact that you may be thinking that this is not an easy solution is exactly the problem. The problem isn’t Facebook. The problem is us.


Naum said...

No. A paywall doesn't "fix" Facebook.

It would kill Facebook, or Facebook as it is currently construed.

What makes Facebook the great behemoth is its critical mass and how it maintains that status.

Robert said...

Imagine that we didn’t have to make that choice. That it didn’t have to be free to reach a critical mass. If you can’t imagine that, then you can’t understand my point. And that is the problem. It isn’t a problem with Facebook. It is a problem with us.