30 May 2008

DiMarzio Super 2

Back (c. 1986) when I had my first electric guitar—one with a built-in speaker—I got a DiMarzio X2N pick-up. Actually, I believe it was a birthday present from by grandmother (Grammy). A short time later when I upgraded to my Westone Spectrum ST, the X2N came along.

Last year, when I was shopping for guitar gear for the first time in a long time, I started wondering why I’d never upgraded the Westone’s neck pick-up.

I checked with DiMarzio support to see what pick-up they suggested to pair with the X2N. They recommended either the Super 2 or the D-Activator Neck.

Now I have another birthday present: A DiMarzio Super 2.

Once I get around to getting it installed, it may be just the thing to break the “only want to play the Tele” thing.

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