07 May 2008


Here’s the thing, Sprint and Samsung.

I don’t really want GPS on my phone. It’s a feature I’d rarely use. (The few times I have, the iPhone’s triangulation has been enough for me.) But it isn’t about arguing whose features are better. Yeah, your GPS is better than the iPhone’s triangulation. Yeah, your data network is faster than the Edge.

The thing is, you could’ve made a phone half as good as the iPhone years ago. You could have made visual voice-mail happen years ago.

You want to talk features? How about visual voice-mail? There’s a feature most people use a lot more often than GPS. Your voice-mail was nothing but frustration. You had the ability to make something better. You could’ve had the glory of being the ones to introduce it.

But you didn’t. It took Apple breaking into your market to get you off your duffs and even trying.

In the past few years, Apple has proven itself to constantly improve it’s products. The complaints I had with Mac OS X years ago? Fixed. The complaints I’ve had with every mobile phone I’ve had before the iPhone? Pretty much the same as my complaints with the phone before that.

So, no. I’m not going to be rushing out to replace my iPhone. Because it’s not about features comparisons.

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