15 May 2008


I’ve always liked Telecasters. I’m not sure why. Well, I finally bought one.

This model is officially the “Squier (by Fender) Vintage Modified Telecaster SH”. I’d call it a “fat Tele”—a fairly standard Tele with a humbucker in the neck position. This is a configuration that’s been used by...

Keith Richards


Andy Summers
Fender’s recreation of Andy’s Tele

Fender also used this pick-up combination on the Tele Custom. Though the Custom had a different pick-guard than a standard Tele and separate volume and tone controls for each pick-up.

Fender Telecaster Custom
personally, I don’t care for that pick-guard

Little known fact: Jimmy Page—so often seen with a Gibson Les Paul or the Gibson double-neck—actually used a Tele on Led Zeppelin I. He also used it for the “Stairway to heaven” solo.

Jimmy Page’s “dragon” Tele

Anyway, back to my guitar...

Here’s a Guitar World review:

How does the Tele match up against my Westone Spectrum ST? Even with the coil-split feature on the Westone, the Tele seems to have a greater range of sounds. Generally, the Tele is brighter and snappier sounding. I think—once I get past the “I only want to play the Tele” phase—the Westone will still be better for darker, warmer tones; while the Tele will be better for brighter, snappier tones.

I still plan to upgrade the Westone’s neck pick-up to match it’s upgraded bridge pick-up.


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about getting another guitar.

I have an Ibanez 540S that I bought in Japan, years ago. It's got really hot pickups and a "fast" neck, but its tone doesn't seem to suit me, these days (back then, I was more into metal and fusion).

Lately, I've been playing my acoustics, a lot, and enjoying that. I was thinking of getting either a Tele, a Strat, or maybe an ASAT semi-hollow. I'm not sure. I'd need to get a new amp, too. I'd probably get a small tube-driven Fender.

These days, I'd be more into playing western swing (lots of fun), blues, and maybe some classic rock.

Robert said...

It’s funny. Although my Westone should have more versatility on paper (two humbuckers with coil-splitting), the thing I like about my “fat Tele” is that it really gets a wider variety of tones.

Just as I don’t know why I’ve always like Tele’s, I don’t know why I’ve never liked any of the Ibanez guitars I’ve played. Except for my friend’s “Mikro” bass.

You know, I should’ve referenced the ASAT Classic BluesBoy as another incarnation of the “fat Tele”. While I suppose it’d be good to go with one of Leo’s later designs, the G&L guitars are beyond what I can justify spending on a guitar...so far.

Danny Ray’s also had the Squier Vintage Modified Thinline Tele, which looked and sounded good too. (Danny was playing it when I dropped in to browse around.)

I’m working on another post about how—ironically—my amp-modelling F/X box may be contributing to me eventually wanting a honest-to-goodness tube amp.